3 Reasons to install solar products in summers

3 Reasons to install solar products in summers

3 Reasons to install solar products in summers

Are you contemplating the thought of upgrading your home with solar solutions but indecisive because it’s summer? If so, you are amongst the many homeowners who are uncertain if they should make the switch in the warm season or wait for winters when the use of products like heaters and geysers that require substantial electricity increases.

Thus, here we are to give you 3 reasons to install solar products in summers and not wait until the weather changes-

1. Regulated electricity bill

By now, it is a known fact that using solar products can drastically lower the electricity bill. However, what needs to be analysed is the inflated monthly charges that is being incurred due to extended usage of household devices like air conditioners, air coolers, etc. Thus, the choicest way to reduce this high energy bills is by installing solar panels at your home.

The Havells Solar Systems powered by the state of the art Havells On Grid Inverter can offer you long-term benefit. This system includes installing a series of solar panels mounted panels on the roof-top to convert the power of the sun into electrical energy. With the use of net meter the electricity bill is charged only for the net consumption after export of power during excess generation during summer. So, to lower the electrical bills despite consistent usage of air conditioners and air coolers, install solar panels at the beginning of the summer.

  1. Value for money

Summer means more energy from the sun, making this weather a significant reason for adopting solar products. Moreover, to promote the adoption of solar energy, the Government offers tax credits, and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy provides 30% of the installation cost as a subsidy to promote the adoption of solar products. Though moving to a solar-powered system might seem like an enormous expenditure, the overall cost of solar products has considerably gone down in recent years.

Another value for money reason for making this transformation is that it increases the valuation of your home, whether you decide to stay, rent or sell the property.

  1. Hassle-free installation

Hot weather means no delay in installation as the likelihood of windstorms, rain, snowfall, and fog, are a few. By going for this time of the year, you can start availing the benefits of the reliable and cost-effective system sooner. Also, sunny days means clearer skies that give good visibility during the wiring process so the technician can install the solar product more smoothly and quickly and in a low-risk environment.

Hence, taking advantage of summer tide by moving towards an efficient and sustainable environment with solar products. Check out Havells Solar products and step into the world of benefits.