Say No to Noise This Noise Awareness Day with Stealth Air

Say No to Noise This Noise Awareness Day with Stealth Air

Say No to Noise This Noise Awareness Day with Stealth Air

We all seek relaxation from the hustle and bustle of life. Sometimes we look for that relaxation in a spa, a sabbatical does work on those weary nerves some other time. On day to day basis, we are amidst so much noise that it has almost become a part of our existence. We aren’t aware about this noise and how this incessant sound pollution is impacting us. If statistics are to be believed, there is a substantial rise in the demand of hearing aids in India. All thanks to the noise pollution!

If you look around, we are surrounded by so many machines which though make our jobs easier, have infused much clamour in our life. For example, a washing machine – we use it to wash clothes but when operational it creates sound, a mixer grinder – it makes our food preparation task easier yet creates hell lot of noise, vehicles – have made our distances shorter but infused too much of bangarang. But one thing worth noticing here is that all these machines are not always operational. We use them for a particular duration and then turn them off. But what about that continuous hum?

Let’s make it easier to understand. When you sit in an idle room in winters, you can even hear the ticking sound of your clock. But in summers, you probably don’t because there is another continuous whirring sound which sometimes even gets irritating. You at times even find it difficult to sleep because of this recurring noise caused by your fan. Yes, fan! We don’t even think about this sound because it’s a kind of compulsion to have a fan. It is the most common and widely used cooling appliance in India and many other countries of the world. You cannot even think of sustaining without a fan in the hot and humid weather.

The sound created by a fan is often ignored because you don’t have any other choice. If you go to the market, you’ll find many fans which claim to be noiseless but your expectations shatter when you still find it humming in your ears. Keeping this point in mind, Havells – the brand synonymous with high-quality electrical products – brainstormed a fan which is technologically advanced to offer sheer air circulation debarred of sound. In its kitty of Special Finish Fans, the Stealth Air is a sheer delight with its cutting-edge design smothered with the most-modern technology.

coverStealth Air – a super silent ceiling fan – is a perfect amalgamation of robust motor, aesthetic styling and aerodynamically designed blades which work in perfect harmony to offer the best-in-class air delivery and exuberance to your interiors. Along with a clean sweep of 1250 mm, the Stealth Air is backed by a strong 18-pole high torque motor which resonates for its efficient performance. Its 3 aerodynamic profile blades cut through the air majestically, lending no whirring sound to your ears. The Stealth Air boasts of an impressive air delivery of 280 m³/min at the rated speed of 280 RPM. You need to experience this to believe this! This special finish fan has a dust and mark resistant coating which even makes your cleaning job easier. You can get this beauty in the color options of Indigo Blue, Metallic Black and Pearl White.

Fan, being an important continuously working appliance in our space, needs to be reconsidered in the different light. And using the cutting-edge technology, Havells has made it possible for all of us to get a fan that’s amazing in many aspects. If not everything, we can at least start with things which are under our control.