Why should you opt for low power consumption fans?

Why should you opt for low power consumption fans?

Why should you opt for low power consumption fans?

India is a huge country with the second-largest population base across the globe that contributes to it becoming one of the top energy consumers in the world. As the nation is proceeding with its technical advancements and urbanization projects, it is becoming more and more evident that investment in sustainable practices is imperative for the country’s future generations to survive. Reducing energy consumption is an essential step toward building up such sustainable practices, and efforts to reduce it need to be carried out in every household to have a significant impact overall.

Ceiling fans are one of the most commonly used electrical appliances in India. While they are highly convenient and useful, they also happen to consume a lot of power to function. However, considering the inevitable usage of ceiling fans, there is a tiny yet significant step people can take to reduce their household’s energy consumption – they can install low power consumption fans (LPC).

In addition to the obvious advantage of sustainability, there are several other benefits which make low power consumption fans a better option for people. Let’s take a look at why people should opt for them.

  1. It helps to save costs.

In most households, fans are used throughout the day. A basic ceiling fan with the power of 75 watts can constitute a good portion of the monthly electricity bill. The usage of ceiling fans is hard to reduce, but there are more convenient options available to reduce the power consumption and as a result, lower its cost.

Using low power consumption fans can be a very friendly practice for your wallet. As their core feature is low power consumption, they can help you to reduce your electricity bills significantly by offering up to 65% of power saving capabilities.

  1. They are eco-friendly.

Small changes in the right direction can bring back great rewards. Low power consumption fans are very eco-friendly and help you to take a significant step toward building a sustainable environment conveniently. These fans save more energy than regular ceiling fans without compromising on the quality of its functioning.

  1. It fulfills the aesthetic purpose.

One of the main doubts that people have about installing any eco-friendly appliance in their house is if it will work with their space aesthetically or not. Low power consumption fans can be very well-designed and fulfill your aesthetic needs aptly. You don’t have to compromise on your space’s visual elegance and taste in order to avail the other benefits of these fans.

  1. They offer better air delivery.

Low power consumption fans do not reduce the efficiency or air delivery to meet the lower consumption standard. In fact, they provide better air delivery as they offer a higher RPM (revolution per minute). They don’t make any noise and can be easily controlled by a remote.

Keeping the above mentioned benefits in mind, low power consumption fans are the better option for your space and your pocket. Havells EFFICIENCIA NEO is a range of low power consumption fans that combine utility and design together. Built with advanced technology to deliver high performance, these fans consume just 26W per hour and offer 65% more power saving than other fans. Available with a remote control, this entire range of low power consumption fans runs three times longer than a regular fan on invertor power and has a guarantee of two years. Check out the entire range of Havells EFFICIENCIA NEO and spruce up your space in a sustainable way.